Distributor Testimonials


“Very pleased first time exhibitor and will plan to budget for more in the future.”

Chuck Phares, LAT Apparel

“I feel the Promo Marketing to be very helpful to get me in touch with people I would not normally see and advise of Tranter Graphics.”

Susan Condit, Tranter Graphics Inc.

“It’s the best 72 hours you could possibly spend if you're a proactive seller and have a nice following and captive audience of clients because there's something for you to pitch EVERYONE that can only be uncovered at this type setting and not on a tradeshow floor, I can't wait to be eligible 2 years from now to return!”

Keith Wilson, Public Identity

“Power Meetings are the best meetings!”

John Troy, PFL

“Attending The Power Meeting is a valuable experience for suppliers and distributors to build trust and work together on obtaining new customers.”

Phil Gilmore, MDR Promotions LLC

“Excellent event - very well organized and facilitated!”

Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez, Barefoot Swag

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the power meetings. They re-charged my passion for growing my business. I was able to take away unique ways to sell products and learn about many different products that are out there. I was able to talk one on one with vendors that were truly interested in helping me grow my business.”

Annette Baldwin, A&M Paper & Printing

“The Power Meetings have been an amazing and useful platform to not only educate our distributor clients but also to build our partnerships through networking and relationship building.  Too often the trade show setting can mean hurried or missed opportunities to connect due to attendee volume; however, the one-on-one meetings allow us to give our clients a face to the name, show new products and receive feedback as to how to improve our relationship as well as better understand their day-to-day interactions with their clients.   Although Hit and Admints are fortunate to be well-known names among most attendees, we always find something our clients may have missed at a trade show, sales meeting or industry blast. Business may not come directly after a meeting (though we have had those opportunities!) but just planting the seed of new processes, such as our apparel decoration capabilities and success, allows for increased future business.   As a regular supplier vendor for these meetings, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the distributor attendees – though the days are long, the education is worthwhile, as well as the overall experience.  The meetings have allowed me to make friendships throughout the industry that go beyond my own client base, as well as helped to benefit my fellow team members with lead generation.”

Kellyann Messick, Hit/Admints

“This was one of the most valuable events I've attended since I worked for Sir Speedy Printing 10 years ago! I got so much out of meeting with the suppliers one on one - MANY will benefit from my attendance. The camaraderie with other distributors was PRICELESS and the schedule/venue/activities that PM coordinated was tremendously fun and thoroughly IMPRESSIVE!”

Carole Bradshaw, Jump on The Brand Wagon

“Everything was A+. A great way to ideate on specific projects and learn more about the distributor and their priorities.”

Cynthia Trpiani, iClick

“First of many Power Meetings for AMGC. Can't wait for the next one.

Glen Jusczyk, AMGC

“I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of this Power Meeting group in Puerto Rico. I had such a great time. Everyone was extremely nice and this was a WAY BETTER setting than the trade shows I have been to in the past. Not only was it extremely beneficial for my business but going early was just what I needed personally. I couldn’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to future Power Meetings in the future with you guys!”

April Camacho, Account Executive, American Solutions for Business

“This format/event was amazing!! I'm not sure that we'll be doing trade shows any longer and will focus solely on sending 1-2 people a year to these. The 1:1 on time is invaluable, some suppliers have specs/virtuals ready for you upon meeting them, and getting to meet/chat with other distributors to share pains/gains is amazing. Not to mention, the Power Meeting team has this entire event dialed in! It's a well-oiled machine that's run by some really, wonderful people. Can't wait to go back!”

Lori Bostdorff, Red Promotions

“Promo Marketing consistently exceeds my expectations with their events! They attract quality distributors, they hold their events in great locations, and they make sure that every detail is taken care of for suppliers and distributors. Once again, they've done their part, it is now up to me to follow up and follow through with the accounts that left so excited about our meeting!”

Brannon Craig, Southern Plus

“Thought I would let you know I just secured another job with another attending supplier from the Power Meeting. So that is 2 new jobs with 2 new suppliers in 2 days after the meeting. I think I like this!”

Bob Saupp, Proforma Spectrum Graphics

“If you want high quality suppliers that are ready to work for you, then you have to attend Power Meetings.  Forget the rat race of the huge tradeshows.  Getting specialized, individual attention is so much more valuable.”

Greg Greemon, Account Executive, BrandAlliance

“The Power Meeting format is a superior model to the traditional tradeshow format. I was able to get a much better feel for how each distributor operates and what they look for from their suppliers.”

Aaron Shields, Ready 4 Kits

“I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Power Meeting event in Scottsdale. If I have my ‘druthers’, I’ll not go to another convention expo. I discovered new vendors I want to work with and solidified relationships with old suppliers. We are going to be collaborating on some great projects! Thank you again – I look forward to seeing your team soon!”

David Teran, Walker Advertising Inc.

“As always, the Promo Marketing team provided the ingredients for an unbelievable few days of meetings. I had terrific meetings that will undoubtedly result in increased business and new relationships. Thank you for being so professional and providing such a wonderful forum in which to build business. Hats off to the Promo Marketing team!”

Alex Morin, Debco

“Amazing direct exposure to suppliers! The attention to distributors is appreciated and in effort to support suppliers who are supporting us I would definitely make an effort to use these suppliers over others. Thank you!”

Diana Libster, American Solutions for Business

“The Promo Marketing team does a first-class job of running one of the industry's finest business building events. The format is executed with precision and the staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful. I'm equally as impressed by how the team strikes the perfect balance of one-on-one meeting time with plenty of social networking opportunities.”

Alex Morin, Debco

“Just a short note to thank you for an event that was very rewarding as well as inspiring. The organization was top shelf and your staff knew their roles and performed flawlessly. I appreciated the opportunity to attend and have plans already in place to use some of the vendors that were new to me as well as adding products from existing suppliers.”

Joe Commendatore, Triple Stitch Sportswear

“From a networking and business growth standpoint, there is no better way to grow than to attend Power Meetings. Intimate setting, focused discussions, and like-minded partners make business happen. If I had to pick one format for meetings, this would be it.”

Nick Lateur, AP Specialties

“To add to the pleasure of seeing so many new distributor faces, we received two 10,000 + pc opportunities and made incredible new contacts! Thank you for providing a solid business focused event!”

Chip Danby, Delta Apparel

“Kudos to you and everyone involved in the Atlanta Power Meetings.  You all were great! Super organized, friendly, professional and so helpful!  I left Atlanta feeling invigorated and so excited about all the possibilities! Seriously, I met some really great suppliers, got reacquainted with others, and learned new things from suppliers I was already doing business with – who could ask for more!?”

Candace McCullers, Advertise America Inc.

“I wanted to drop you all a quick note to say thanks! ... I was very impressed with the event from start to finish. Well run, Quality Suppliers, Quality Distributors,  Good Food, Embassy Suites did an excellent job and the off-site dinners/events were excellent. Met some new suppliers and re-met a few that we hadn’t done much business with lately. All in all…Great Job everyone.”

Dave McNeer, Maxim Advertising

“Plan accordingly and don't turn down the opportunity to participate in a Power Meeting - it's worth the time being away from your office and daily sales routine. The conversations lead to new projects you likely had not yet thought of and new business relationships that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.”

Maggie Mason, City Paper Company

“So many valuable experiences have come about due to the meeting I attended.  I have gotten self promos, virtual samples for my sales people and great pricing to say the least, but the contacts and getting to know the reps one on one really has helped in giving me and my staff someone to reach out to when we need something.  I am working with at least 5 of the suppliers I met there on projects and looking forward to attending again to meet more.  The one on one experience is absolutely wonderful and definitely priceless!”

Pam Olson, PRO Logo Depot division of PRO Marketing, LLC

“I want to thank each of you for the outstanding experience you arranged for the group.  It was a tremendous learning and bonding experience none of us will soon forget.”

Marty McGee, President, Logotricity

“This has been my first year attending the Power Meetings put on by Promo Marketing.  What an invaluable event for bringing suppliers face to face with their distributor partners.  The event provides everybody the opportunity to build quality, long term relationships in a very efficient manner.  They are very well organized and have been at great venues.  I’m a big fan.”

Taek J. Sung, iClick

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