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“The Power Meetings have been an amazing and useful platform to not only educate our distributor clients but also to build our partnerships through networking and relationship building.  Too often the trade show setting can mean hurried or missed opportunities to connect due to attendee volume; however, the one-on-one meetings allow us to give our clients a face to the name, show new products and receive feedback as to how to improve our relationship as well as better understand their day-to-day interactions with their clients.   Although Hit and Admints are fortunate to be well-known names among most attendees, we always find something our clients may have missed at a trade show, sales meeting or industry blast. Business may not come directly after a meeting (though we have had those opportunities!) but just planting the seed of new processes, such as our apparel decoration capabilities and success, allows for increased future business.   As a regular supplier vendor for these meetings, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the distributor attendees – though the days are long, the education is worthwhile, as well as the overall experience.  The meetings have allowed me to make friendships throughout the industry that go beyond my own client base, as well as helped to benefit my fellow team members with lead generation.”

— Kellyann Messick

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