Q: Is there a limit on how many people can attend a Power Meeting?

A: Power Meeting events are invitation only. The key to success at our events is quality over quantity, so the number of attendees are restricted to make the event as meaningful and beneficial as possible.

Q: What does the cost include?

A: The event is free for distributors, courtesy of all attending Suppliers. Distributor attendees will receive airfare reimbursement, upscale hotel accommodations for three nights, meals, entry to networking events and transportation to and from the event hotel. (Suppliers can inquire about costs with their Promo Marketing sales rep.)

Q: How is this event different from a trade show or other promotional product industry events?

A: Power Meetings are white glove events—we will take care of your every need before and during the event. Promo Marketing pre-sets all meeting schedules so that every Supplier and Distributor attendee will have quality meeting time together, and meals and events are planned to maximize networking opportunities. This format enables you to focus on new sales ideas and building long-term relationships with industry leading distributors and suppliers.

Q: What can I expect in each 20-minute meeting?

A: The level of engagement at each meeting is much higher than a typical trade show since you have the luxury of having private discussions. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss specific client projects, sales concepts and ideas, and learn about product lines and processes that you might not have already been familiar with. The beauty of a Power Meeting is that each meeting can be tailored to your needs and what will help you build your business.

“This was one of the most valuable events I've attended since I worked for Sir Speedy Printing 10 years ago! I got so much out of meeting with the suppliers one on one - MANY will benefit from my attendance. The camaraderie with other distributors was PRICELESS and the schedule/venue/activities that PM coordinated was tremendously fun and thoroughly IMPRESSIVE!”

— Carole Bradshaw
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