About Power Meetings


Created for the industry’s elite, Promo Marketing Power Meetings are exclusive relationship-building events. The conference format features pre-scheduled, one-on-one sessions between distributors and suppliers. Each meeting session is held in an exclusive supplier suite, securing privacy and improving business opportunities.

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-Enjoy high-end accommodations appropriate for industry’s elite

-Attendees include Top 50 Distributors and Top 50 Suppliers

-Four days of networking, three days of pre-scheduled meetings

-Build long-term relationships at upscale networking social events


-Private 20 minute meetings between the distributor & supplier.

-Meetings are held in each supplier’s private suite

-Up to 45 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings in three fully planned days

Promo Marketing has been serving the promotional products industry since 1998, and offers Distributors valuable content and sales ideas. Promo Marketing provides the industry with a monthly magazine, a website featuring FREE product search, daily e-newsletters, end user catalogs, webinars, and many more tools to help Distributors & Suppliers grow their business. Find more info here: www.promomarketing.com.

Interested in joining us? Email powermeetings@promomarketing.com

“If you want high quality suppliers that are ready to work for you, then you have to attend Power Meetings.  Forget the rat race of the huge tradeshows.  Getting specialized, individual attention is so much more valuable.”

— Greg Greemon
Account Executive

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