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Success Stories

“A great testimonial at my first power meeting with AAA Innovations. I had a great time learning more about their product line. 20 minutes later, my assistant texts me that we have an umbrella project.  I ran back to AAA at the break and went through options and sold the job that afternoon. I also had another experience with Sweda and we are about to close a power bank order this week.”

Andrew Chesis, ABC Promotional Marketing, Inc.

Just placed a $12,000.00 order with Acehigh Tech. I wouldn't have thought of them if I hadn't met with James.

Keith MacPherson, Dynamic Products

“Super time and working with four of the Suppliers that were there so far... others in the works for spec etc.   Very heplpful to get to meet one on one and get postive results.”

Keith MacPherson, Dynamic Products

“Had an order for 4000 dri-fit t-shirts that I might have lost due to pricing however because of the relationship with Delta Apparel developed at the event I received special pricing and was able to secure the order.”

John King, LogoMotions

“It's been crazy.... We have reached out to customers with opportunities and ideas and the response is incredible. We can't wait to close some of these deals sooner than later.”

Matt Holstin, M&A Designs Inc.

“I placed a rush order through Logomark and everything turned out awesome.  I got great pricing for meeting with them at the Power Meeting, a 24 hour rush at no extra charge and quick acknowledgements on art status and tracking.  I couldn't have asked for a better supplier at the right time.”

Elizabeth Mejia, Valley Printing & Promotions

“I did a TON of self promos from the meetings and received about 2,500 worth in mid march. Its been as simple as mailing and giving them out, and then taking orders for what people liked. I had never worked with Edwards Garment company before but they convinced me that their softshell jacket is the best in the biz and the best priced as well and they sent me a ladies and mens sample.  I have a client getting sizing now for a 600 pc order for $30,000. I also have another client who will be ordering them as well. It was a great event.”

Keith Wilson, Public Identity, Inc.

“So far I have placed orders with Starline & Cloth Promo Plus, & I'm working with many others on potential business.”

Dave Rodnick, Ardmore Promo

“Stoney Creek contacted us ahead of the show asking for some logos.  We sent 3 of our most open minded customer's logos.  Stoney Creek went to their websites, really researched them and came up with amazing ideas.  I showed them to my customers and they think I am a genius and can't wait to order some of the suggestions!”

Shelley McConnell, Printpal Promotions & Printing

“What a great event!  Your staff was outstanding and so incredibly helpful.  Candice was amazing and Rob and I forgot the other gentleman’s name even sometimes escorted me to my next power session.  JUST LOVED IT.”

Mindy Moss, Moss Marketing

“Had a coworker looking for 600 fold up camping chairs.   Had him call Matt at Brentwood, following week we got the order.  Also did 7500 hot/cold packs with Ariel and 5000 sun screen sticks with Webb.  January I will get an order for Precision Crystal for about 100 awards!”

Scott Rindt, Star Promotions

“Before attending the Power Meeting, we would generally say no to invitations.  The week after the Meeting, a new client asked if we could create custom invitations, and we immediately said we had just the right supplier.  Printingforless helped to create custom invitations and response cards with coordinating envelopes.  They sent us color swatches, were responsive, and the client was thrilled!””

Randi Goldberg, Clearly Branded

“I think so far my biggest success was with Rume.  I have placed two order with them.  One being a custom bag.  Neither were huge orders,  but doing a custom bag order made in the USA, for a large client was a huge success.  The client loved the bag and were amazed at the quality.”

Jodi Sornsin, Great Impact, Inc.

“Started with the 2016 Ft Lauderdale Print PM with Credential Express. Patty Lee and I talked about a need for a special envelope for one of my tractor clients which they have as a stock item...We nailed down the prototype at the San Juan meeting which should lead to a very nice sale once I have the prototype in hand this month....”

Bob Chester, American Solutions for Business

“I just placed an order with Paramount Apparel. It's not the largest quantity, 120 hats, but I would have never thought to use them before and I got the product I wanted with 2 areas of embroidery for under what my client wanted with a 1 area imprint!”

Marlene Via, Via Promos

“I gave a new client one of my clothpromotions opper fiber cleaning cloths that they had branded for me, and it became an order with a different buyer in the University. After seeing it they loved the imprint and the quality. Client wanted a water bottle for an upcoming conference. Because I had just seen the new Broadway tumbler with Ariel I knew that could be a fit for their budget. Sent them a sample and they are designing the artwork for this item now. This was from sitting down with Ariel at the Power Meeting. Working on a badge order now for a client with Express-A-Button all due to their being the badge sponsor for our meeting. They just created the virtual and I am showing the client my sample. She was wanting something different than the usual plastic name badge, and Express already does their buttons for events. Client has always been happy with their button quality, and she loved the idea of doing something different. 2 year's ago we met with EMT at the San Antonio Power Meeting, and I have kept them in mind for projects. This year we have done approximately $5,000 in patches for one client and we are working on a challenge coin order now. Melissa is wonderful to work with, and has been very helpful on every order. May not have happened if we had not met at the Power Meeting, and they did a terrific job in their presentation.”

Jennifer Bertels, Varsity Marketing

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