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November 27 - 28, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA


How Personalization & Artificial Intelligence Are Taking Branded Content to the Next Level

From soup recipes to cars, personalized content experiences will become the expectation among consumers.

In case you haven’t heard, the future of marketing will be a race for greater and greater personalization. In a noisy world where consumers are constantly bombarded with content online, it’s more important than ever for brands to deliver content that is highly-relevant to individuals. In other words, relevancy is much more powerful than reach. “I think real-time personalization and artificial intelligence are the big technologies,” says Greg Grdodian, CEO of Reach Marketing, an integrated marketing solutions provider. “Everyone wants that individualized experience. And both of those technologies will help you get there and maximize every engagement.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables brands to personalize their content and deliver the right messages to the right people in an automated fashion. AI can be used to analyze behavioral and demographic data to ascertain what type of content that user will enjoy. Where branded comes in is through the rich behavioral data that can be drawn from consumer interactions with content — revealing consumer interests and purchasing stage.

AI platforms can ingest this rich data, learn about user preferences on an ongoing basis, and deliver the content that users want. The learning component, where a computer can learn to identify patterns within a data set to predict what consumers will want next, is what will take branded content automation to the next level. They payoff for brands is greater brand-to-consumer engagement, moving the individual down the acquisition funnel or strengthening the bond with existing customers, on a scale that manual content marketing never can.

“Every company needs to be proactive when it comes to investing in AI technology in order to better understand each individual consumer or viewer of their content,” says Nick Edwards, CEO & co-founder of Boomtrain, a marketing platform based on AI technology. “Using data to understand who is consuming your content creates a 1-to-1 relationship with consumers.”

Campbell Soup, for example, uses IBM’s Watson technology to recommend Campbell Soup recipes to consumers based the weather, personal preference, past choices, and ingredients that are on hand. BMW has introduced an AI app that gathers data around BMW customers and their cars. The app can help drivers avoid traffic, give walking directions to their parked car, and schedule trips. Every interaction between brand and consumer can be personalized and increasingly consumers expect this custom experience.

Of course, the potential for AI is only as good as the data you collect, so a sophisticated audience and customer data management is at the core of these efforts.

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